Tennis Courts Construction / Renovations in Pretoria Johannesburg & allover South Africa

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Tennis Courts Contractors 

Are you  looking for Tennis Court Construction in Pretoria, Johannesburg ,Gauteng and all over South Africa?  Pavestar Contractors  is experienced , reliable and of high repute. We construct Tennis courts / basketball courts from stretch or rejuvenate. We construct tennis / basketball courts to international standards. Tennis Courts are beautiful and designed to blend in with your surroundings. But its the quality of the surroundings we use and the quality of construction below the lush green playing surface crisp white lines that ensures that your tennis court will give you years and years of fun & enjoyment.


If your court is dirty , fading , cracking bird baths maintenance will be required over the service life of court. To prevent damage of the courts engage in preventative maintenance practices. Pavestar will remove sand and dust from you court on a regular service and therefore leave players with a clean court to enjoy their sport. Clearing of unwanted growth in & around court.


Pavestar will repair your court this will include crack filling , one or more layers of re surfacing materials , a new color layer & re painting of lines etc. For longer lasting court durability you should continue with resurfacing  or re coloring every five to seven years of service.

Your court should be repaired before it requires a complete re asphalting or a complete new concrete base. If your court is not damaged too much it can be repaired and then re surfaced. Almost every court has cracks whether they are hairlines cracks , prominent surface cracks or structural cracks is almost a given. But not all cracks do come back.


We also offer the following accessories

Standard Tennis Net 11.9 by 83cm black

Double Top Tennis Net 11.9 by 83cm black.

Tennis double top competition net 12.75 by 1.06m black.

Tennis Court hook and winder 12mm diameter galvanized.

In-pole tennis net tensioner

Automatic Basketball Scoring Display

Tennis Net Center band and adjuster 6mm diameter brass

Elegant Stylish works and quality works have made Pavestar a Unique Contractor

Types of Courts

  • Tennis Courts –  All Weather Courts
  • Tennis Courts – Clay Courts
  • Tennis Courts – Cushion Acrylic
  • Multi Purpose Courts
  • Netball Courts
  • Hockey Fields
  • Baseball Courts
  • Other Surfaces


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