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Tar Surfacing Company Sandton. We take Pride in asphalt surfacing in Sandton and surrounding areas. Our work stand the test of time. We have acquired knowledge, experience  from the jobs we have done locally and internationally. Each member of Pavestar team prides in delivering the best quality & service to ensure that our clients can fully rely on our expertise & efficiency.  No job too small or too big for us. All our services are guaranteed

The Company Promise

We exceed customer expectation by using the highest quality materials.
Smart highways, smart cities are Pavestar business.
“We Offer World Class Services =

  • Unbeatable customer satisfaction!
  • It helps really to keep a newer modern fleet of machinery and well experienced staff.
  • Huge customer base in all nine provinces= is quite obliging, we keep
  • We have been around for over a decade. We have handled big jobs and small.

We provide a complete range of asphalt works

  • Road surfacing.
  • Pothole repairs.
  • Residential driveways .
  • Commercial parking lots.
  • Recreational surfaces.
  • Industrial surfaces.

 From potholes to roads we’ve got you covered.

Pavestar Contractors is the company you can count on for quality asphalt , affordable price.

Our customers can feel confident in knowing that Pavestar Contractors will meet all their asphalt needs with the highest of standards.

We excel in the field of asphalt refurbishment , renewal. Pavestar Contractors knows how to protect your asphalt investment.

Our services include  

Tar Rejuvenation (Tar Renewal)

Old tar fails normally because of cracks this can be normally caused by –

  • Low temperatures effects
  •  Movements in the base caused by shrinkage
  •  Existence cracks below the surface.

The best way to seal the surface is to first fill the cracks with asphalt , resurface the whole surface with slurry seal or hot asphalt.

Pot holes 

When we are doing potholes firstly we cut the edges , prepare the base , compact , prime the surface, lay asphalt and compact.

Bitumen Surfacing

Also known as seal coat or chip seal is a protective wearing surface that is supplied to a surface or base course. It can provide the following

  • A waterproof layer to protect the underlying
  • Increased skid resistance
  • A filler of existence cracks or raveled  surfaces

Bitumen can be used for new parking places , roads , driveways, waterproofing

Bitumen  Products

We are supply of the following bitumen products

  • Bitumen emulsions
  • Asphalt Rejuvenation
  • Primes

Tar / Asphalt Surfacing Sandton Includes