Asphalt Surfacing / Tarring in Pretoria / Johannesburg

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Tarring in Pretoria / Johannesburg 

Asphalt Surfacing / Tarring in Pretoria / Johannesburg 

Tar Surfacing Pretoria / Johannesburg 

Are you looking for best Asphalt Contractor in Centurion, Pretoria, Johannesburg & all over Gauteng ? Dont search anymore!!!! We take Pride in asphalt surfacing in Pretoria / Johannesburg. Finding a contractor who is trustworthy and reliable  is difficult to find these days. It takes more energy and time to find one. “DONT SEARCH ANY MORE” Pavestar Contractors is your ideal contractor for all your asphalt / tarring projects in Pretoria / Johannesburg.

Click here if you want to know how to lay asphalt correctly.

Who We Are

We are specialists in tar surfacing, resurfacing, driveways & yards, complex surfacing, road tarring, car and truck parking areas, kerbing, loading bays, play grounds, speed humps and traffic circles. We are renowned for constructing attractive and durable tar and paving surfaces that stands the test of time with over 10 years of tar surfacing service delivery in South Africa.

Our work stand the test of time. We have acquired knowledge, experience  from the jobs we have done locally and internationally. Each member of Pavestar team prides in delivering the best quality & service to ensure that our clients can fully rely on our expertise & efficiency.

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Asphalt Surfacing is a Passion to us that makes us Way more dangerous to our competitors. No job too small or too big for us. All our services are guaranteed. 

We provide a complete range of asphalt works Pretoria / Johannesburg

 From potholes to roads we’ve got you covered in South Africa.

Pavestar Contractors is the company you can count on for quality asphalt , affordable price. Payment Plan is Available for big projects. 

Our customers can feel confident in knowing that Pavestar Contractors will meet all their asphalt needs with the highest of standards.

We excel in the field of asphalt refurbishment , renewal. Pavestar Contractors knows how to protect your asphalt investment.

Our services include  

Asphalt Paving Services

Pavestar Contractors provides a wide range of asphalt services. We can provide complete asphalt paving solutions including ground preparation, removal or treatment of existing surface pavement, quality asphalt application and final surface preparation including striping and marking. We use modern equipment and the latest techniques for installing asphalt. Our experienced team can handle projects large and small.

From a pot hole patch, to new construction, to parking lots, to road building, we have the expertise and equipment for all your paving needs.

Our Asphalt Paving Service Specialties

Asphalt removal and replacement
Asphalt for new construction

Tar Rejuvenation (Seal Coat)

Seal Coating Services in Johannesburg / Pretoria

To assure our customers the longest life of an asphalt paved surface, Pavestar Contractors offers complete seal coating services. Seal coating is a method of preserving asphalt paving by applying a thin coat of surface tar material over the previously applied asphalt paved surface. Seal coating rejuvenates, protects and extends the life the surface of any new or old asphalt surface.
Because seal coating is applied to existing surfaces, it can be applied by hand on smaller areas or by machine on larger projects. We provide seal coating services 7 days a week to fit with our customers schedules and minimize inconvenience. We have completed many seal coating projects on Sundays as commercial and industrial customers like to minimizing business disruption.

Not only does seal coating restore the clean dark black appearance to asphalt but, it fills in holes from displaced rocks and cracks in the surface preventing further surface degradation and extending the life of the asphalt paving.

Seal Coating Features and Benefits

Extends the life of any asphalt paved surface.
Prevents oxidation and degradation of asphalt surfaces over time.
Prevents against shrinkage of asphalt pavement, minimizing crack development.
Provides protection against harsh weather conditions.
Enhances the clean, dark appearance of the asphalt paving.
Makes asphalt paving easier to clean and maintain.
Provides a clean, durable base for striping and lane marking.

Potholes Repairs 

When we are doing potholes firstly we cut the edges , prepare the base , compact , prime the surface, lay asphalt and compact.

Chip Seal  / Chip & Spray

Chip Seal in Johannesburg / Pretoria
What is Chip Sealing?
Chip sealing is a cost-effective way to both build a durable driveway and a decorative driveway or private road. Chip sealing is a coating of hot applied liquid asphalt emulsions. The second step is to imbed crushed rock chips in the surface.
The top surface of stone is left free of asphalt so the black asphalt is covered and the rock is the only color that shows. This result in a wearing course of rock glued in place by the asphalt coating applied over the base pavement. The rock selected controls the final driveway color.
The end result is a thick layer of asphalt and a layer of fine crushed rock over the existing pavement. These two components work together for years to provide a protective layer that defends against water penetration into the base material, frost heaves and asphalt oxidation. This treatment creates long lasting durable driveway.

Benefits of Chip Seal

• Creates a warm rustic driving surface
• Skid resistance 
• Chip Seals eliminate the need to crack seal
• Smoothed irregularities

Private Roads Construction Chip Seal

For private roads, chip sealing is a distinctive, durable pavement surface choice for either new construction or maintenance needs. This offers associations and subdivision developers more than just a hard pavement surface for cars to drive on.
With chip seals the durability and appearance work together to enhance the properties aesthetics.
Typical stone, gravel or dirt private roads do have a rural look but suffer from dust in the summer and mud in the spring. These types of roads also need periodic grading and maintenance due to traffic moving the material around. A solid decorative stone chip seal surface is an excellent alternative. The chip seal keeps the warm natural look but avoids the need for periodic applications with dust suppressants, raking and grading program that takes time and money for maintenance.
Private roads that are structurally solid but in need of care can be cost effectively up graded to a new surface for less than a new pavement over lay with asphalt. The thick layer of asphalt in the chip seal process provides the durability and water sealing qualities. The top color or natural stone surface provides a distinct look of a private country estate.
Chip Seal
The process of chip sealing is outstanding in sealing the existing road surface from water intrusion. But it also protects the asphalt from weathering and oxidation. Applications of chip seal can and often prolongs the life of the road by 8 to 12 years. This time frame can be much greater depending upon the age and condition of the particular private road and the amount of traffic that the private road receives

Bitumen  Products

We are supply of the following bitumen products

  • Bitumen emulsions
  • Asphalt Rejuvenation
  • Primes



Thank You Pavestar for chip seal private road you did for us. We really appreciate

Big Hearts Brand
Big Hearts Brand

Asphalt Surfacing and Maintenance in Pretoria / Johannesburg Includes

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