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Pavestar Contractors is premier Johannesburg Road Construction Company. The company has sufficient equipment and suitably qualified and experienced personnel to handle any project. For major projects in tar surfacing such as main roads, airport runways, industrial developments, freeway upgrades and similar, we have the technical know-how and expertise to manage and complete every aspect of the asphalt pavement. We are proudly South African striving to make real contributions through strong community and customer partnerships, pursuing excellence through quality and pursuing the principle of sustainable development.

Road Construction & Rehabilitation

Established in 2004, Pavestar specializes in the construction of new roads and the rehabilitation of existing ones.
Pavestar boasts a footprint across South Africa, operating from its Pretoria headquarters across all South Africa’s nine provinces.

Pavestar Contractors is graded a Level 1 B-BEEE contributor, and acknowledges the process as an integral driver of economic and social transformation in South Africa.

Pavestar Contractors is also registered with all the relevant authorities to ensure, quality, safety and excellence in service.

Our Services Include

Spray and Chip Surfacing

Spray and chip or chip seal surfacing is a technique involving the spraying of bitumen followed by a single layer of washed stone aggregate chippings.

It is mainly used as an inexpensive alternative to surfacing a primed granular base or re-surfacing of an existing road. It can also be used as a wearing course on top of an asphalt concrete base course to provide surface texture and increase skid resistance. Pavestar Contractors owns and operates a state of the art Chipsealer.    The CHIPSEALER combines the two activities of bitumen spraying and stone aggregate chipping function into one easy flawless operation.

  • It’s in built computer ensures exact application of binder and aggregates by monitoring the pump output and vehicle speed ratios
  • As the aggregate is applied immediately after the binder there are no problems with adhesion of the aggregate to the binder giving you high quality work
  • Its combined spray and chip operation gives increased output, efficiency and quality leading to lower costs per m2
  • Costs of establishment to sites are minimal as it drives to site removing the need for establishing a sprayer, chip spreader and tippers
  • It is operated by the driver who has full control of all operations from the front cab
  • Equipped with a printer the machine can print the days’ work summary including the bitumen application rate, aggregate rate and area covered

Or if You Prefer the Traditional.

With our fleet of bitumen sprayers we can provide spray and chip services at any location countrywide.

Asphalt Surfacing

Hot Asphalt Paving is a surfacing technique designed to lay hot mix asphalt to specified thicknesses either on a newly primed granular base or an existing road. It can also be used as a base course where addional weight bearing capacity is required and the wearing course is stone chippings.

We have the capacity to supply and lay any tonnage of hot mix asphalt anywhere in the country.

Asphalt surfacing is a common surfacing type, often known as Tar Surfacing

What is Asphalt surfacing or Tar Surfacing?

Asphalt is produced by mixing hot bitumen and aggregate. The asphalt is then transported to the site in specially insulated trucks. The surface is laid and then compacted by a road roller. Once the fresh asphalt cools to ambient temperature, it becomes sturdy enough for traffic. How is it applied?  Contracts can be undertaken, varying in size from small areas which can be laid by hand to larger areas of several thousand square metres which are laid by paving machines. We offer a complete and expert service in all aspects of Asphalt surfacing and operate an in-house surfacing department, consisting of skilled operatives, paving machines and all compaction plant

Surface Dressing

What is surface dressing on Tar surfaces?

A hot bitumen emulsion is sprayed onto the road surface followed immediately with an application of high quality, washed and graded aggregate. These are then rolled to ensure proper embedment of the aggregate into the binder. This provides an economical and water impervious seal with the added benefit of a much-improved surface texture.

How is it applied?

Surface Dressing applications are made using bitumen emulsion sprayers and aggregate spreaders. It can be used to treat both lightly and heavily trafficked roads and the proper choice and rate of application of materials is essential to ensure adequate performance. Applications can be made in one or two layers and also in combination with other surface sealing techniques such as Road Seal to achieve the desired result. Aggregates resistant to polishing  and polymer modified bitumen are preferred on high traffic roads or on stressed areas to improve skid resistance and chipping retention. Our road surface dressing equipment combines the spraying of hot bitumen and application of aggregate in one machine. This offers the best conditions for maximising performance of the binder aggregate combination. Our equipment applies the aggregate immediately to the hot sprayed bitumen. This gives an inter contact time of less than one second. Cost benefits The cost is substantially lower than for traditional asphalt surfacing. Dramatically rising costs of traditional asphalt surfacing methods make surface dressing a cost effective and high quality alternative. We will be pleased to provide a no-obligation quote..

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